FUJINON 20-120 Camera vs. SONY F55 Camera

FUJINON 20-120 is a zoom lens for theatre camera that provides high optical functionality harmonious with 4K cameras also covers a broad selection of focal length from 20mm to 120mm. additionally, it recognizes T3.5 brightness in the whole zoom range. There’s not any T fall, and it provides comfortable operation. A variety of scenes could be taken with this lens. FUJINON 20-120 is outfitted with a removable drive unit for electrical zooming and focusing that is popular operate with existing goods. Also, it features 0.8millimeter equipment pitch for compatibility with all standard accessories.

FUJINON 20-120

The FUJINON 20-120 also Data System) and I metadata harmonious. Having a FUJINON 20-120mm focal point Selection, the weight of Just 2.9kg such as servo motors, along with a T Cease of T3.5 finish to finish.

High optical performance – lightweight and compact design

  • Designed utilizing our latest optical simulation technology
  • Compact size and lightweight with integrated drive unit with the lens
  • High optical performance is kept not only the center but also the corners
  • Latest lens Coating Technology – HT-EBC


  • Use with attached Servo Drive Unit – handheld “run & gun”
  • Use without the servo in Cine mode – with rods, matte box, and a host of industry standard motors and controls, wired or wireless!


You’ll find the SONY F-55 its compact size belies breathtaking 4K picture quality and easy adaptability. Even better, its extraordinary skills continue to evolve in response to the creative needs of film-makers worldwide.

The versatile SONY F-55 brings movies and TV shows to life with Spectacular 4K detail, color, and dynamic selection. No wonder it’s the go-to Choice for many of the world’s best most in-demand picture manufacturers.

Netflix and Amazon’s choice for drama

Our F55 Cine Alta camera would be the favorite option using in-built online video programs such as Netflix and Amazon that are standardizing on 4K HDR to future-proof their particular in-house premium play productions. It is being chosen on TV dramas such as Marseille, Blacklist, Sense8, Mozart in the Jungle — and several more — and feature movies such as the Palme d’Or Cannes 2015 winner Dheepan and Cannes 2016’s opening attribute Café Society out of Woody Allen.

Stunning images up to 120fps in 4K

You will enjoy thrillingly cinematic pictures, as a result of its high-end Super 35mm CMOS sensor that leaves each scene with exceptional color, comparison, and ultra-low sound — even in the hardest low-light ailments. And today you can get breathtaking results at around 120fps in 4K using the newest AXS-R7 mobile recorder.

Great for HDR with support for X-OCN

SONY F-55 is the ideal instrument for getting High Dynamic Range (HDR) material. Teamed together with all the AXS-R7, recording from the new X-OCN format together with 16-bit scene linear Tonal gradation keeps the camera’s entire dynamic selection. With support for the enlarged Rec.2020 color space — and Sony’s acclaimed S-Gamut3 that is wider Nevertheless — shooting 4K together with all the PMW-F55 expands the shelf-life and industrial Appeal of your valuable content.